This is very unlike me to post something for the world to see but I am compelled to share the secret I stumbled upon. Yes this is a review for Isabelle Fox. Now, if you are a discerning gentleman, looking for the best of the best companionship that money can buy, well read on.

She is a true companion for the heart and the soul, if you know what I mean. There is a fascinating reason she charges a bit more than the average market because her companionship is unmatched. Her profile pictures are great but she is way better and hotter in person. She is very understanding and accommodating to your needs, even sometimes without being explicit. She is matured beyond her age, which enables her to connect intellectually regardless of your interests. This is a unique skill she possesses, which makes spending time with her as genuine as it gets. Her adventurous nature entices you to go beyond your boundaries which ultimately results in an out of body experience, that people rarely get experience in their life.

To put all these into perspective, imagine your girlfriend when you just started dating and she is wild yet you feel so connected that the physical intimacy is at its peak. Well she is exactly that girlfriend but only she is that wild and connected every time. I will end my review of this addictive woman by a quote, “be kind and respectful and she will reciprocate with ten folds if not more”. Are you up for the challenge!!!


Sometimes you just happen to eye a girl who leaves a lasting memory in your head… That’s Isabelle.

First Contact: Belle advised that she would be free at noon for 1.5hrs and I just couldn’t resist. Work went outta the window and the cab flew to her cozy apartment. I was greeted by the most beautiful Isabelle at the door… waiting for me with her candle lit condo and her see through dress.

Playtime: We spent some time talking about this n that and went into the bedroom…and then she started to undress me. While she was at it I was enjoying her bottoms through the mirror and rubbed between her thighs with my legs. We spent the next 15 to 20 mins eating each other in various positions. She is absolutely effing amazing with her mouth on the dick. Her eyes would constantly be affixed at me and me enjoying the sight of her gulping my moist rod in her mouth. She took her time to play with my balls and gave me an amazing teabagging session. I am a big fan of mouth fuck so I would constantly change positions to fill her mouth and get back to her pussy wet and oozing.

Plough: We started with a slow she on top and went rhythmic for a while and changed between missionary, doggy, sideways and crossed legs.. she was genuinely involved in making sure that I was enjoying every thrust that I had filling her tight pussy. We had two sessions with one me cumming inside her (protected) and then a royal CIM which she happily swallowed…seriously that makes me feel amazing when a lady drinks up the jizz.. and that’s exactly why I will be meeting Belle again.

Post Worship: We had a slow shower together enjoying the hot water and talking about the session with her cleaning me in and out.

Farewell: It took me a good 5 mins to come to terms with leaving her. She is just adorable and knows exactly what to do to make you happy.

Tips: Book early and let her know exactly what you want. She is excellent at keeping you informed with her plan and how she wants to see you. I enjoyed almost half a day messaging her until I got to meet and that kinda helped both of us to make sure we made the best of the time. Book longer sessions for a relaxed well deserved Worship of this magnificent girl.

Belle… I will see you again!

“Honestly if I am to try and describe my experience I cannot express it in words. Being with Isabelle is unlike anything I have experienced before, I’ve never had such an incredible time and she left me feeling on top of the world. I can’t wait to see her again, she is truly unlike any woman I have ever met. There is a reason why she is the highest charging escort money can buy. There is nothing to do but to experience her for yourself.”

Toni B, September 2016

PAUL, June 2016

How do you write an accurate review that captures the true essence of an experience that makes you feel that you are the luckiest person on earth. Contact… You are always nervous when meeting someone for the first time, with Isabelle this is quickly forgotten. You get this feeling even before you meet her by the way she communicates with you whilst organising a date. I had a few questions and specific requests for our date that Isabelle was happy to discuss over email. When you first meet Isabelle she is quickly able to put you at ease by her engaging conversation and signs of intimacy that you would generally expect from a girlfriend. The look… Although Isabelle’s profile pictures look great, they are nothing compared to opening your door and seeing an absolutely stunning young lady with a beautiful smile standing in front of you. Experience… This is something that I cannot really describe in words. Yes, I can tell you what we did but that will not accurately describe the feeling of absolute ecstasy you feel. I have been lucky enough to meet up with Isabelle multiple times over the last few months…. I am eagerly awaiting our next adventure….

PETER, April 2016

Her smile says it all … Isabelle is a pure delight to be with. When she showed up in the lobby of my hotel, I was able at last to see that the rest of her face is every bit as pretty as the smile you see in her profile. And her personality is to match – warm, friendly, and down to earth. I could scarcely wait to get her back to my room and undressed!

Once we were in private, Isabelle disappeared into the bathroom for a few moments, then emerged in a skimpy outfit that had her glorious breasts practically popping out to greet me. From head to foot, she’s even better in real life than her photos. Pretty soon I’d undone her top and was dividing my time between her bust and the lovely lips that had first attracted me to her profile. Then she insisted on using them and her never-resting tongue to engage in some exquisite natural oral – if you can’t imagine those lips wrapped around you, try it for real and you’ll *feel* what I mean by “exquisite”.

Needless to say, Isabelle is just as much a sex dynamo as what she looks, with a trim, taut body just made for the bedroom. She was full of energy and real enthusiasm as we moved from one position to another – especially after some DATY warmed her up with an initial shuddering orgasm. And she didn’t ease off one bit until I’d reached completion in one of our more gymnastic positions.

I didn’t have a chance to explore all Isabelle’s GFE offerings, let alone PSE. But I’ll be back to experience all those delights next time I’m in Melbourne. What an amazing girl!

“If you’re looking for company with a lady oozing class, elegance and style then isabelle is that lady. She’s articulate and intelligent, and made me feel at ease. A night of pleasure is guaranteed.”

Rob, October 2016

MICHAEL, April 2016

I had been admiring Isabelle Fox’s escort profiles and social media profiles for sometime now, she just looked so perfect that I wanted to devour her. Her prices are on the high end, which would rule out many punters but believe me she’s high end for a reason.

I went with Isabelle’s ‘The Devil’ package, which is the type of PSE I’m after and I made a request that she wear a short red dress with matching red high heels.

I had been fantasizing about the upcoming devilish session for over a week and I just couldn’t wait to meet this beautiful young brunette. On first impressions upon meeting Isabelle I was blown away because she was just as I had fantasied about. Beautiful young soft skin, gorgeous light blue eyes, delicious full lips, perfect pearl white teeth, perfect enhanced breasts, long toned legs and an amazing arse to sink my mouth and tongue into.

Isabelle looked immaculate and ever so gorgeous in her red body hugging dress with matching red high heals. When I first met her I went from flaccid to rock hard, totally rock hard in a matter of seconds. I gave her my gift and then had my hands all over her, she smelt like heaven, her perfume was heavenly. I pushed her up against the side of the lounge suite, lifted up her dress and noticed she had no panties, which was a big turn on. Isabelle has an amazing arse, just right for her athletic build and with her up against the side of the lounge suite I decided there was no better time than to tongue such an amazing behind. Rimming Isabelle was bliss, she tasted divine and I loved running my hands all over her arse and up and down her legs. Isabelle was moaning heavily, she loved it, it was such a turn on for both of us.

We then walked to the bed room and Isabelle proceeded to give me an amazing BBBJ in-front of the mirrors, it was an amazing site to see this gorgeous fit young lady devour my cock, I loved it when she looked at me with those innocent looking blue eyes, yum. Her BBBJ technique was excellent and had me on edge a few times and Isabelle had a Listerine strip in her mouth which made the BBBJ even more intense.

I then had Isabelle lay on the bed and went down on her. Isabelle has a beautiful shaved/waxed pussy and I must have spent at least 10 minutes down there as Isabelle was enjoying it. I then turned her around and tongued her arse again, I just couldn’t help myself, I love rimming and she has an amazing inviting behind. I tongue fucked her arse for a while which Isabelle enjoyed and believe me if she had anal as an option I would’ve taken it up, no matter how much more as her arse is amazing and I’d love to blow my load in it.

After devouring Isabelle’s arse for sometime I asked Isabelle if she could rim my arse as I knew it was part of her PSE package, but I imagine that would come with conditions, I mean you need to be inviting down there. Anyway without hesitation she turned me around and started to gently rim me, I then pulled apart my butt cheeks and she started to tongue my arse a lot more vigorously, it felt fantastic and it was amazing to watch her do this to me in the mirror, it’s something I will always remember with excitement.

So after lots and lots of exciting foreplay on goes the condom and Isabelle hops on top and what an amazing site, my hands were all over her, her body is amazing, especially her soft skin, it was such a turn on and I almost blew my load on several occasions, but I had to hold on. We fucked in several more positions before we tried doggy and what a site it was looking down at her delicious arse. I had Isabelle up against the side of the bed so I was standing whilst fucking and it was amazing to view this in the mirror. I started talking dirty to her whilst pounding her, telling her how I loved licking her arse and how much she excites me, this really turned her on and her pussy contracted and she came. I though it was now my turn to cum, I told Isabelle to get on the ground, I took the condom off and started to rub my cock and blew a massive load in her mouth, my cock must have contracted 9 times during the orgasm, it was probably the most intensive I’ve had. Isabelle now though had a load of cum in her mouth, so I told her to swap it into mine and we shared the load together.

Isabelle Fox is a great young lady and I would love to see her again, she’s a lot of fun and to me a perfect 10. Please keep in mind like with all ladies YMMV and it takes two to tango…


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